US Post office Vessey Street
Just had my first truly uplifting experience way Downtown. I stopped to buy stamps at that enormous gem of a Federal Post Office at 90 Church Street (NYC) near my office. The structure commands a full block. It is not completely surprising that it survived the fall of the original towers in that it is faced with stone and built like a fortress and the main entrance is on the east side. Nonetheless --part of one plane landed on top, windows and facing were damaged, and water and Asbestos apparently did a number on the interior. Still, entering the heavy revolving doors of the beautifully-restored structure, is like walking into a bygone era. The in part Deco structure was completed in 1935. A total fortress inside, but wonderfully elegant. And the friendly security agents situated behind desks up front kindly directed me through decorative passages to the place where they sell stamps. As it was nearing the end of the day, there were only a handful of customers. The gent who was handling the international window called me over. He had all the time in the world for me. Saved me a full day at the Passport office to help out my brother Hunt. Got me a form, explained to me how we use it. He was courteous, helpful. It was as if I had actually stepped back in time. When I once visited a post office in Lapland, one of the quietest places on earth, by spark, a snow scooter, when it was 50 below zero, the postal workers there were no more helpful. Today when I woke up on the Upper East side, the air was still. But by the time I reached the Wallstreet area, as usual, the wind was howling through me, as if I had voyaged to Chicago or Nova Scotia. So this was just a gem of a find. Can't wait until I need stamps again.
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