US Post office Vessey Street
Just had my first truly uplifting experience way Downtown. I stopped to buy stamps at that enormous
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Taking Back Roads With Billl Cunningham
Saw Bill Cunningham at the gates of a house where I was stopping by for an event on Lily Pond yester
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Chipp2/Winston Tailors
Had some crummy news last night (not work, family, or health, thank goodness) and as a treat, this m
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The Rexmere: Famed Society Hotel in Catskills Burns
Bill Cunningham: Facades
Bill Cunningham is one of Manhattan’s all-time great characters. Facades is an exhibit of his images
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My Sensational Father
Karl Lagerfeld, Amanda Harlech, and Bunnies
Lexington Hotel Grand Opening
There were Klieg lights out front tonight on 48th just off Lex. Not the really big ones. But pretty
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Diamond Big As Ritz At Ashgrove Farm
Delightful evening at Ashgrove farm for Alzheimers kickoff fete. Princess Yasmin Khan founded the ch
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Drama on the Cannonball
On the 1:40 train this afternoon on the way East, three seats had two bags on them, and the kids on
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Blue Jasmin Crazy GREAT!
Saw Blue Jasmine last night. Crazy great. You know this woman. Actually, I think everyone on the Upp
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Number 7 Line
Was on the subway today and started to think that everyone has beauty in the way that they would mak
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Many Happy Returns
Maybe it was the movie This is The End, but lately, I've had this feeling that I should maybe be doi
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Many Happy Returns
Maybe it was the movie This is The End, but lately, I've had this feeling that I should maybe be doi
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A MOMENT with the Countess
Just had a little moment with the Countess from The Real Housewives. Sonja was being honored by NY S
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Bling Ring
Saw Bling Ring tonight. Really fun at first, but it eventually made me quite sad. Nancy Jo Sales, wh
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Flash back to 80s
Flash Back: Last night I met Zara Beard, Peter Beard's daughter for the first time at Gordon Parks F
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Bayleaf at Ballymaloe House
[Note from Ireland last week] Dreamy family lunch at one big table at Ballymaloe House today. My fat
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A Few Of My Favorite Fetes
The end of December, the one time when the party scene actually cools down in Manhattan, is a great
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History Unfolds in Manhattan
Living through the behemoth moments over the decades in a city like Manhattan, is like watching hist
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Frances and Bernard
Read Frances and Bernard by Carlene Bauer this weekend. The jacket says the story was inspired by Ro
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Leaving for LA in Morn
Have an early flight in the morning for the left coast. Tinsel Town. I have been flying to LA
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Paris, My Sweet
Flew to Washington for the day and read an early copy of Paris My Sweet [A year in the city of light
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Wedding Message from Rwanda
Driving to East Lansing for my beautiful niece Tessa's wedding this weekend, passed big farm not far
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Blythe Danner Rescued My Beach Chair
Blythe Danner was already one of my favorite celebs. But I am now elevating her to my very favo
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Springs Eternal
Attended Jack Larsen's 85th birthday tonight. . He looked great in straw hat and bright shirt. Beami
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Ron Galella on my doorstep. . .
I live on east 81st street. And early this morning when I came home from, like laundry, this old guy
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Michelle Williams and Jason Segel an Item. And I am last to know
I am always the last to know about new couples, but I was talking to Jason Segel tonight at Sons of
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Stacey Keibler in Cocobelle Aztec Sandals
Could Cocobelle beaded sandals be the new deck shoe of choice? Well, Stacey Kiebler had on a pair w
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Florence Welch at Opening of Bulgari hotel in London
Florence Welch at opening of Bulgari hotel London.Yellow gold, ruby, and diamond ring from Bulgari H
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Coco and Ice Nice
Coco and Ice-T are two of the nicest well-known people I have met over the years. And I have met a
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Peter Beard Revisited
Saw Peter Beard at Gordon Parks event tonight. Hadn't seen him in years. And expected him to look te
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Tuxedo Anxiety Dream, New Low
Had a black tie anxiety dream last night; boy is that a sad state of affairs. Getting dressed for CF
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Morys and the 1947 Wiffenpoofs
Attended my Yale Reunion this weekend. Took my wife and kids to Mory's this weekend. And ran into
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Mary Kennedy Was a Wonderful, Wonderful Person
Burst into tears at my newsstand this morning. So, so sad about Mary Kennedy. She had worked a
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Nick and Mariah renew vows atop Eifel Tower
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon renew vows atop Eiffel Tower in Paris over weekend. She wore 18k white
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Albie Manzo Uses Hunkhood for Good.
My recent tweet: jeffrey Slonim @JeffreyJSlo Real Housewives of NJ's Albie Manzo to use hunkhoo
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Nice Body: Victoria Beckaham and her Range Rover Evoque in China. . .
First met Victoria Beckham in a little bar at the Paramount Hotel when it opened. She was new
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Boston Marathon
Watched my wife run Boston Marathon yesterday in 90 degree heat. Saw four runners towed away o
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Rome Revisited
My wife Fiona encouraged me to get back on the horse and visit Rome during my kids spring break this
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Roman Holiday
Several decades back, when I graduated from Yale, like much of the rest of my class, I bought a
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Pink Linen and Palm Fronds: Beverly Hills Hotel Fountain of Youth
There is something magic about The Fountain Coffee Room at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Every Oscar
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RESPECT at Cipriani Wallstreet
I'm seated at a black-tie dinner about once a week, sometimes three nights a week, in Manhattan, an
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